Jenny Holzer is a New-York based artist that is widely celebrated all the while being quite controvertial. As an artist, she provokes viewers using sentences ans statements. Her most famous work is explored through light emitting diodes (LED) strips. These range from various colours and they usually quite large and imposing.

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Jenny Holzer - Endgame
— Publication

Jenny Holzer attracts all audiences because she believes that her work should be adaptable to any era of technology. Her work highlights political issues around the world and in any context. Although Jenny Holzer’s wisdom has been projected, written down, sketched and applied on many other different mediums, the most famous are these LED strips.

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The mandate was to layout an art book based on this iconic artist. The book needed a special emphasis on the cover and spine, as well as a strong correlation to the artist’s work. This is a fictitious project.

book cover

For the cover, a lenticular print was applied, the changing images are two messages of her scrolling LED art piece entitled “Blue Purple Tilt”. They shift back and forth showing  some of her thoughts she calls “Truisms”. It’s blunt, synthetic and dark, Much like her lenticular LED works.

The inside features spreads using a contemporary grotesque typeface called “Favorit”. The layout being straightforward and standardized.

The book communicates callous and strong industrialized forms of contemporary art.

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