For decades, mass production and large corporations have forced bookstores to have a generally superficial philosophy. There is a new generation of young  people that are renewing their view on books and what they really mean. Newleaf is a small, Montreal-based bookstore that appeals  to this young audience.

Newleaf logo

Newleaf believes books should be sold in an authentic atmosphere.  It highlights wisdom and a feeling of nature, but it also keeps a fresh look to appeal to younger people. This is a project related to school, therefore it is a ficticious company.

— Branding

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The mandate was to brand Newleaf appropriately, taking into account the naturalistic intention relating to renewal and authenticity. The design needed to be accessible and tasteful in correlation to a young millennial audience. 

An owl is the perfect representation of what Newleaf stands for. For generations, owls have represented intellect. Adding reading glasses to the owl makes it clear to the viewer that the company is related to “using one’s head”, in other words,being smart.

This new logo applies to the company adequately and it also follows the mandate correctly. The components of the logo are put together in a way that can be adapted easily in terms of legibility and format.

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