Tadao Ando believes architecture should blend in with its surroundings and with nature. It needs to express natural qualities that are often ignored, but it also needs to serve a good purpose without too much frivolity. This is a project related to school, therefore it is a ficticious company.

Architecture is a design field that involves precision and efficiency. There are numerous architects around the world creating beautiful creations that are also functional and innovative. Tadao Ando is a celebrated minimalist architect from Japan, he works from his studio in Osaka.

box open
open box
closed box

The mandate was to create a promotional box based on an architect. It had to include a USB key and a booklet, both deriving from the same principles of design used on the box. The style Tadao Ando produces is based on minimalism and the high use of concrete, glass and light. His style is also characterised by the incorporation of natural elements contrasting against artificial constructions. My goal was to make this project correlate appropriately to this style.

bookletbooklet spread

The rectangular aspect of the box is inspired by a home designed by Tadao Ando; Row House in Sumiyoshi, located in Osaka, Japan. This is one of his most iconic buildings. The print on the box has the letters of his name evenly divided on each facet of the box. Details of his architectural spaces are the main aspect of this print. Inside the box, a small booklet is located in a slot on the side. The usb is located in a square, central slot on the upper box.

The small booklet includes famous works contained in a minimalist and restrained layout.